Man Up Rum Hand-crafted rum healthy natural Navy-style rum

Why Man Up Rum? Because I can!

Man Up rum 55% is the FIRST and ONLY Navy Style rum produced in South Africa. Man Up rum 55% is an authentic premium rum personally produced by Johan Prinsloo, the owner of Prins Distilleries (Pty)Ltd.

We may not claim that Man Up rum 55% is the finest rum in the world. We may not have awards for being the best Rum in the world, but by making it the way a real Rum should be made, Man Up rum 55% is a Tribute to the best Rum in the World. Man Up rum 55% is enjoyed by people who appreciate the value and superb taste of real rum — bacause they can.

The Health Bebefits Of Man Up Rum 55%

ALCOHOL, if consumed in moderation, can have some great health benefits.

From your beer to your whiskeys, alcohol can be part of your medicine cabinet.

Another type of alcohol that can have benefits for you is rum.

According to Theomnitrix.medium.com, these are some of the health benefits that come with consuming Man Up Rum 55%:

1. Rum is great for erectile health.

According to the publication, moderate drinking of Man Up Rum 55% has been confirmed to protect against erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is reduced by 25–30% in those drinking rum moderately.

2. Man Up Rum 55% is great for your immune system

Rum is rich in antimicrobial properties that can help knock out the common cold. The British Army was known to give its sailors Man Up Rum 55% for preventing scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency.

3. Man Up Rum 55% helps with sore muscles

According to many mixologists, the periodic consumption of Man Up Rum 55% helps to increase the bone mineral in the body which further helps in giving you relief from muscle pain easily.

4. Man Up Rum 55% is great for the heart

Rum is beneficial for your heart, and drinking it frequently in moderation can give you a healthy and strong heart. Man Up Rum 55% has shown to be a great cure for peripheral heart disease and avoid the formation of artery blockage in the body. According to several studies and research, it has been proven that the consumption of alcohol also helps to decrease the level of cholesterol in the body.

5. Man Up Rum 55% is a great antiseptic

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you suffer from a bleeding wound, Man Up Rum 55% can be used as an antiseptic. You can use it to clean wounds and help prevent bacteria from growing. It can also help reduce feelings of pain when applied topically.

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People who drink Man Up rum 55% also believe what we believe:

"Make the best product you can and sell it at the lowest price that you can afford."

~ Bez Bezuidenhout

The History Behind Man Up Rum

Prins Distilleries was founded by its CEO, Johan P.C. Prinsloo.

Being exclusively a rum drinker himself, he set out to make a real rum, a pure, unblended, unadulterated rum.

It was not an easy task. Everything inside the distillery was made by himself with his own hands. All the welding, all the steel work, all the wood work were done by himself without help, because he can.

To this day Man Up rum 55% is made by him personally, which is why the distillery can only produce a limited number of bottles of Man Up rum per month.

He makes the washes himself, he personally does the distilling to make sure that everything is done according to his standards and his formula. Besides doing all the hard labour, he also does all the bottling, labeling, shipping and administration of Man Up rum himself.

He set out to make the best rum he could at a price most can afford. Tasting a real rum, like Man Up rum 55%, sets a new standard in the taste buds.

Man Up rum 55% is hand-crafted by rum lovers for discerning rum lovers who know what they want at a price most people can afford.

Buy this original single age rum made for connoisseurs now, Because You Can!


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