What Makes Man Up Rum Exclusive

Man Up Rum is an exclusive premium rum personally produced by Johan Prinsloo, the owner of Prins Distilleries (Pty)Ltd.

People who drink Man Up are people who want what we believe:

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

~ Warren Buffet

We may not claim that Man Up is the finest rum in the world. We may not claim that Man Up is the purest and best tasting rum in the world, but we can state that we are striving for it.

Man up is not a collectors' item, it is made to be enjoyed by people who appreciate the value and taste of a true rum. While even the labeling on the bottles are done by hand our focus is on the contents of each bottle, not the bottle or the packaging in which it is transported. We do not want to impress clients by our packing, but by our rum, Man Up Rum.

Man Up rum is an exclusive premium rum produced in small quantities by the owner of Prins Distilleries himself to ensure consistent production of this authentic product saught after by connoisseurs. Only about one thousand bottles of Man Up rum are produced each month.

The History Behind Man Up Rum

To Man Up Means:

Prins Distilleries was founded by its CEO, Johan P.C. Prinsloo.

Being exclusively a rum drinker himself, he set out to make a real rum, a pure, unadulterated rum.

It was not an easy task. Everything inside the distillery was made by himself with his own hands. All the welding, all the steel work, all the wood work were done by himself without help, because he could not afford to hire help.

To this day Man Up rum is made by him personally, which is why the distillery can only produce a thousand bottles of Man Up rum per month.

He makes the washes himself, he personally does the distilling to make sure that everything is done according to his standards and his formula. Besides doing all the hard labour, he also does all the bottling, labeling, shipping and administration of man Up rum himself.

He set out to make the best rum he could at a price most can afford.


Imagine drinking a genuine, pure rum, made for connoisseurs

While Man Up rum should be sold for at least $120.00 per bottle, the founder of the distillery remains adamant that he wants Man Up to be affordable to most people and to this end it is still being sold at just $55.00 per bottle and it is only available on order directly from Prins Distilleries.

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