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The practice was founded in 1956 by the late Dr.J.P.Prinsloo snr (1933 to 2002).

The practice ran under the name of Drs. J.P. Prinsloo until 2002 when it was registered as an Incorporated Company with the two directors being my father (Dr. Prinsloo snr) and myself, Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo (jnr). Unfortunately my father unexpectedly passed away as soon as the company registration process was completed and I continued the practice as an Incorporated company with myself as the only director.

In 2011 the Incorporated Company was dissolved and the practice is continued under the name Dr JPB Prinsloo

Having been established more than 53 years ago, this is the oldest homeopathic practice in South Africa.

Dr.Prinsloo snr was notably the most well-read and experienced expert on homeopathy in South Africa. With all due respect to my colleagues, I have yet to meet a homeopath who understands homeopathy as clearly and definitively as he did. He had a superior insight and understanding of the working and application of Homeopathy.

His successes were legendary and patients and colleagues alike were awestruck by his vast knowledge of medicine, science and chemistry.

He was my father, my teacher, my mentor, my role-model and my best friend. To learn more about this great physician, Dr. J.P. Prinsloo (snr), click here.

To learn more about Dr. Johan P.B. Prinsloo click here.


Dr JPB Prinsloo Homeopathic was built on the effective application of Homeopathic medicine. We follow a "patient centric" and not a "philosophy centric" approach, which is why we use everything available to us in homeopathic form. Our primary approach is simplex Homeopathic medicine in combination with compound homeopathic formulations (Homeopathic complexes).

Our medicines are generally dispensed in the form of tablets and drops. From time to time we may also dispense capsules, ointments, jells and creams or even administer homeopathic injections.


We are absolutely not opposed to conventional medical treatment (often referred to as allopathic treatment). A medical practitioner cannot replace a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist cannot replace a nurse. For the very same reason a medical practitioner cannot replace a Homeopath and vice verse. Each discipline and form of treatment has it's own rightful place in medicine and each should be respected individually.

The objective in medicine should never be exclusive or egotistic, it should be inclusive, balanced and unbiased. No one can deny that no discovery has probably saved more lives than antibiotics. Unfortunately antibiotics were abused, over-prescribed and prescribed without reason or for such prolonged periods that it ultimately came to be perceived as a death-trap and a poison. It is not the fault of antibiotics that was over-prescribed and abused, but unfortunately that was all the medical profession had that was of any real value and they vested all their faith and trust and that single resource until it became the enemy of good sensible health practice.

The fact is that if a patient requires antibiotics he/she should not be detered from taking it for the wrong reasons. Antibiotics could save your life when you truly need it.

The difference perhaps lies in the fact that Homeopathic practitioners in South Africa study conventional pharmacology as part of their homeopathic training, whereas medical students (and eventually medical practitioners) learn and know less than nothing about homeopathy.

A sensible homeopath would not advise against sensible conventional medical treatment.